Work with us

Work with us

At PrimeLand we value the characteristics of each recruitment and selection process of the team. 

We take a proactive position in identifying successful professionals in the real estate market.

We are a differentiating real estate agency in the market. Our team is the path we set for success. We guarantee a personalized follow-up and harmony between both parties. 

At PrimeLand you will find a team of professionals who provide personalized advice - such as buying, selling, renting, credit intermediation, investment, valuation and profitability of clients' real estate assets. We value professionals and trace a path where the development of skills and the achievement of professional success are the basis. We want professionals to grow and collaborate with their experiences, dynamics and knowledge to achieve profitable and solid success.

We intend to:

  • Harmony with the business organization;
  • Professional Fulfillment;
  • Credibility;
  • Good organizational climate;
  • Empathy;
  • Healthy interpersonal relationships;
  • Productivity through quality of life;
  • Inspiring practices;
  • Appreciation and Reward.

"Perspectives change the world. We don't just want to sell houses, we want to have the chance to change beliefs."

Today, it's me, Catarina Dias, Human Resources Director at PrimeLand, who invites you to come and meet us!

Catarina Dias - Brasil | Human Resources Director 

Phone: 913 483 132