Tips for You - To improve the energy of your home

Tips for You - To improve the energy of your home

Each home has its own energy. I believe that we can all contribute to make our home our sacred temple, where we sleep, eat, dream, and also create our future.


Here are some tips on how to organize the vibe of your home:


  1. Keep the house always clean and organized

Although it may not be obvious, when we do a general cleaning of the house, the environment feels different and brings many benefits to our health. Besides the well-being sensation that the smell of a clean house brings, doing household chores can also help to relax and reduce stress levels. Some benefits include:

  • Helps the respiratory system;
  • Reduces anxiety and stress levels;
  • Fosters creativity and happiness;
  • The house looks, literally, more beautiful;
  • Good for mental health.


  1. Do not keep broken objects without utility

Forget about that piece that you loved so much, but that is broken, or that piece that you just glued and whose result is not even remotely brilliant. Broken objects inside the house, besides usually being of no use, are visually unappealing, and according to Feng Shui, they can cause feelings of lack of fulfillment. If it is not possible to restore the object properly, the ideal is to recycle it, and thus also practice detachment.


  1. Incense and crystals help improve energy

There are records of incense use in rituals and ceremonies since ancient Egypt. Just like crystals, each fragrance of incense should be used according to its intention. Some incenses are known to help and attract money, love, security, improve sleep, and even the vibe of the house. Some energy corrections can be made using crystals (consult a specialist, we recommend @cristais.lojadecristaloterapia).


  1. Open windows and keep the house ventilated

Some known benefits are:

  • Let good energies enter your house;
  • Helps the growth of your plants and flowers;
  • Prevents problems with mites, bacteria, and mainly, humidity problems.
  • Mold is caused by fungi that thrive in warm and humid environments. Preventing its appearance involves ensuring that the rooms receive sunlight and contact with the wind throughout the day;
  • Eliminates bad smells more easily and effectively, whatever they may be.


  1. Rock salt at the entrance of the house

For many, it may be just mysticism or superstition, but the fact is that all elements of nature interact with each other and vibrate different energies all the time. Therefore, some have the power to transmute or filter energies and change our environment. Rock salt is the cheapest and most versatile amulet we can have at home. It is capable of capturing and renewing the energies of the environment, so it is so famous as a repellent for bad energies. If you feel a heavy energy at home, the ideal is to put a glass with a generous amount of salt and fill it with water, behind the entrance door, changing it weekly until you feel the environment lighter. You can do this anytime.


  1. White candles in home decor

Candles are not only part of home decor but also attract good energies. If you like candles, the ideal is to choose white ones, as white is the color of light.


  1. Invest in plants

When healthy and well-cultivated, plants harmonize and facilitate the circulation of energy in space. Some purify the air, and others are famous for repelling bad vibes or attracting good fluids. Besides rejuvenating the space and relaxing the soul, you can also use many species in your culinary recipes.