Tips for You - Perfuming the House

Tips for You - Perfuming the House

Without a doubt, this is a good tip for perfuming the house. Not only because it contains simple products without any type of unknown chemical compound, but also because it can be used to create personalized gifts for someone special.

If you liked the idea, come see how to make a beautiful homemade air freshener.

In addition to the air freshener, I will share with you a simple and easy tip for perfuming bedding, curtains, sofas, or even during ironing.

You only need a spray bottle and the following ingredients:

  • 50ml of ethyl alcohol;
  • 100ml of water;
  • 50ml of concentrated fabric softener.

In addition to being decorative and fragrant, it also has a very interesting therapeutic function. Science has already reported that aromas can transmit a sense of calm, focus, and even help with sleep, for example. For some aromatherapy therapists, it is a useful tool for changing the energy of a space and improving the mood of the people who frequent it.

The base of this product is grain alcohol, as it is the substance that evaporates and diffuses the essential oil aroma into the environment. Speaking of essential oil, essences are artificial aromas and do not offer the same benefits for this reason.

Essential oils are more expensive, but they yield much more and generate more refreshing and natural aromas, with much less risk of causing allergies and proven benefits.

Bamboo sticks are in contact with the alcohol and water base, moistening one side of the bamboo while the other gradually evaporates the mixture into the air. Therefore, the more sticks you have, the more the scent spreads in the environment, and the faster the content is used up.


Materials needed:

(Remembering that this is a basic recipe and you can and should choose the scents, even putting flowers in a transparent bottle, for example...)

  • A small-mouthed and narrow-necked glass bottle;
  • 100ml of grain alcohol (if you don't have it, you can substitute it with ethyl alcohol, but grain alcohol is much more effective);
  • 100ml of room temperature water;
  • 3 drops of essential oil;
  • Bamboo sticks;
  • Dried or fresh herbs or plants.



In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, you can reuse the sticks and the bottle by just making the contents again, preferably with the same scent. The bottle can be recycled.

Moreover, it is easy to create different types of personalization with decorations such as ribbon bows, sisal rope, feathers, beads, depending on the desired style.


I hope you enjoyed the tips, and there will be more next month. Until then!

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